CBD Oil With E-Liquid: A Perfect Mixture For Vaping

CBD Oil With E-Liquid: A Perfect Mixture For Vaping

While CBD oil may be popular for its calming effects on our body, it is non-intoxicating unlike its mother plant – a fact that makes it quite safe to use and much more popular among pain-relieving medications and oil. However, the question that arises here is whether one can mix CBD Oil With E-Liquid for vaping.

While vaping has been proven to be a much healthier option than smoking, many do not seem to enjoy it as much. This is why many seek to make blends of the e-liquid – getting adventurous with the flavours and their effects.

What is E-Liquid?

E-liquid is the flavoured or blended liquid used in electronic cigarettes or the ‘vapes.’ Its components can be altered in accordance with its user’s needs. This liquid normally contains propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin or glycerol and other flavourings that may differ from person to person. Many people use nicotine liquid in it along with the flavouring but one can also add CBD oil instead.

Is it safe?

The blend of CBD oil and E-liquid in itself is quite safe; however, CBD oil can be a bit dicey since while usually CBD may not be intoxicating like its source plant, many variations of CBD oil extracted as concentrated and full-spectrum can be addictive as they contain a majority of the component of the cannabis weed.

Thus, one needs to be aware of the variation of the CBD oil they are planning to use – especially if they are aiming to use this type of vape as a method of pain-relieving medication or to reduce their insomnia.


In the end, while the blend of E-liquid with the infamous CBD oil can be safe, it is entirely dependent on the type of CBD oil used and how much research the person has done before vaping such a blend.