Need Assistance with Transport? SCF Is Ready To Assist!

Need Assistance with Transport? SCF Is Ready To Assist!

SCF is the longest-established national container supplier in Australia, and its 30-year history of success can be attributed to its individualized, solutions-oriented approach to each interaction. This is supported by the delivery of high-quality products quickly, safely, and efficiently.

SCF is the leading provider of customized shipping container solutions in Australia. It offers the most extensive and diverse selection of intermodal, tank, and on-site storage containers.

SCF offers a variety of container solutions that are tailored to your project’s budget and schedule. Everything from static storage to the transportation of furniture, equipment, pallets, and liquids.

Find a solution that meets your needs.

SCF provides services and products to a vast array of industries in order to provide cost-effective and customized container solutions for short- and long-term projects. We take care of everything, from storage and transportation to lodging. Find out how we can assist you.

The original intent of SCF containers was to transport goods across the ocean on ships. They are lightweight, resistant to the elements, and stackable. They quickly gained popularity among furniture movers, who could transport furniture between two locations in a secure manner on the back of a truck.

Some SCF containers are listed below:

8-foot Cargo Container

The 8-foot Shipping Container is the smallest option available in our selection. Ideal for small storage needs, sites with restricted access, or restricted storage space. Like their larger counterparts, they are safe, secure, and waterproof.

10 foot Freight Container

When space is limited, 10ft shipping containers, also known as mini shipping containers, are the ideal storage solution. These smaller units are typically utilized for the secure onsite storage of furniture, equipment, and accessories.

20-foot Freight Container

The 20-foot shipping container is the most common and popular on-site storage option, and for good reason! It is durable, safe, transportable, and secure.

SCF containers

High Cube Container of 20 Feet

Everything you love about the 20ft shipping container, plus an additional 1 foot (30cm) of storage height! It is sturdy, protected, secure, transportable, and slightly taller.

20-foot Side-Hinge Cargo Container

The 20ft Single Side Opening shipping container from SCF is among the most adaptable storage containers on the market. By providing dual access points through end doors and side doors, goods can be accessed easily with the ability to open doors for the entire or half side.

40-foot Cargo Container

The 40ft Shipping Container is twice as long as its 20ft counterpart, resulting in twice as much internal storage space. It is an excellent option for large sites with numerous storage requirements.

High Cube Container of 40 Feet

40-foot High Cube shipping containers are popular for storing voluminous quantities of goods on expansive sites. This container size is also ideal for modifications, such as a workshop, alternative to a shed, or home construction.

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