If You’re A Dance Lover, You Should Watch This Dance Show

Do you enjoy watching reality shows? Be it dance or music? You are in luck. Trending OTT platform Aha has come up with their latest and most awaited dance reality show, Dance ikon. This is a battlefield between choreographers and dance performers.

Each contestant on the field can portray their talent to their audience and viewers. This dance reality show is also governed by several mentors who judge their performances. You can stream all the latest episodes of Dance ikon on the platform. Along with that, on Aha, you can also Watch Telugu Web Series Online.

The cast of dance ikon

The successful first season of dance ikon is being hosted by the legendary Tollywood personality Ohmkar. Several other notable celebrity choreographers are also seen as mentors on the platform of dance ikon. The mentors on the show are Sreemukhi, Yashwanth Master and Monal Gajjar.

Along with these popular faces, There are several other renowned choreographers and contestants participating in dance ikon to portray their talent.

Dance ikon Highlights

Dance ikon is a dance reality show where contestants and talented choreographers are able to present their art. In the dance reality show, there are 15 choreographers accompanied by 12 dance contestants participating in a friendly dance battle.

The main motive of the dance reality show is to find the ultimate and the best performer among all. All the fellow contestants and choreographers on the platform of dance ikon are from several corners of the nation.

What to expect from dance ikon?

Dance ikon is a marvellous watch for dance enthusiasts. The contestants and choreographers create a performance to the best of their ability and present it to the mentors on the show.

All the performances are excellently crafted to win on the battlefield. If you like watching dance reality shows, then dance ikon is for you. You will not be bored.

Watch the latest dance show on Aha.

Are you having a boring and lazy Sunday? Wondering what to watch with your friends and family? If you’re looking for Tamil or Telugu content, then you can stream them on the Aha platform. The latest addition to the aha platform is the trending Telugu dance show, Dance Ikon.

Watch this with your friends and family on Aha to have an entertaining evening.

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Preserving the Beauty of Jazz One Step at a Time

In today’s world, some of the music genres that dominates the music scene are RnB, rock, rap, and pop. Most popular artists are within these music genres. And many people, especially the younger generation, are eating it up because of the lively beats and meaningful lyrics. However, another music genre that you’ll grow to love if you understand its meaning is jazz. And there are tons of musicians who play jazz and are considered some of the most brilliant minds in the music industry. But since not all artists are using the genre, it’s slowly losing its popularity. But if you want to keep the spirit of jazz alive, you can join JAS. It stands for Jazz Aspen Snowmass, and they’re mainly all about Aspen, CO music events. Let’s learn more below.

Get Involved to Keep Jazz in People’s Minds & Spirits

Long before the genres today, jazz is considered one of the most popular. When you listen to it, you immediately feel calm. At the same time, it can make you dance if the time is right. But since the younger generation prefers genres like pop and rap, jazz is slowly becoming a thing of the past. Thankfully, JAS is here to prevent that from happening. It’s a non-profit organization whose mission is to keep the spirit of jazz alive through world-class events, educational programs, and performances. So if you want to get involved, you can attend one of these events and become a part of it!

An Exciting Way to Remember Jazz Music

Jazz is a classic, and the music made in this genre remains a favorite for many people. But since it doesn’t get the attention it deserves, jazz lovers stepped up to create Jazz Aspen Snowmass. It’s their chance to prove to everyone that jazz deserves a spot in our history books. And they’re not going to let it die down because it’s a great genre that’s heavily misunderstood. Furthermore, JAS aims to provide more information about the genre itself and how it became popular. So whether you’re a fan or not, you’ll enjoy the history of jazz.

Donate in Any Way You Can

Donating to JAS help keep the genre alive. It helps them fund the various events and educational programs they have all over Aspen. If you’re a big jass lover but can’t give your time to them, helping them financially enables them to foster and nurture this great genre. For instance, you can help fund the JAS/JFMAF Scholarship Fund, make a donation to the JAS Music Ed Programs, and so on. There are many ways you can help this non-profit organization, whose goal is to keep jazz rightfully alive in any way, shape, or form.

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This movie is about a Nigerian footballer: Sudhani from Nigeria

This is among the most effective south indian movies referred to as into Telugu as well as launched in the current times. This is a Telugu film online that you can locate on aha to expect some amusing time. If your family members has a sporting activities lover, then this movie will certainly be your ideal selection in telugu as it handles a football video game and also its battles a manager suffers from. You can enjoy the Telugu movies online just on aha.

The story starts in a small rural town in Kerala near Malappuram. The entire town are substantial fans of the sporting activity football and also they have their own communities that differ teams. Majeed, the protagonist of the movie is a huge fan like them, becomes a manager for a football group called MYC Accode which plays in Sevens suits. This team plays just like any other team up until Majeed involves 3 Nigerian football players that alter the face of it. Those 3 gamers became the factor for the whole group to become famous. However the only issue they face as a team is the lack of funds to maintain. They have economic troubles yet their enthusiasm isn’t quiting them from playing the game. But one fine day, Samuel, a Nigerian player, consults with an accident that makes him not able to play the game. As they are economically broke, they can not even take care of the money for his medical care. So Majeed brings Sudhani to his home to make sure that his mother would certainly deal with him till he gets healed. Sudhani living there, starts to comprehend Majeed’s personal life and connects a whole lot with each other. Majeed being a boy, tries to get married yet as a result of his interest for remaining in sports as well as his absence of monetary plan supporting his future, no female steps forward. Majeed has dad concerns where her mom marries an additional man right after his father passed away that makes him angry in the beginning as well as he quit speaking with her ever since unless it is necessary. He resents his mom a lot yet the reason she weds him is due to the fact that individuals compelled her. A great deal of individuals as followers concerned satisfy Sudhani as he gets healed which makes police alerted of his presence and also they begin to interfere. They request his passport but he loses it. As Majeed applies for a duplicate one, Sudhani opens regarding his past as the passport he used to go into India was phony. What is his past is what you will see in the film.

Cast and Crew:
Directed: Zakariya Mohammed
Manufacturer: Sameer Thahir, Shyju Khalid
Composed: Zakariya Mohammed, Muhsin Parari
Starring: Soubin Shahir, Samuel Abiola Robinson
Music: Rex Vijayan
Cinematography: Shyju Khalid

This is that one movie you must see if you are a fantastic fan of football. The sport clubs in our country encounter the same issue when they are not moneyed properly. This is among the greatest new movies online that you can watch the Sudhani from Nigeria motion picture online in Telugu only on Aha.

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