How much does an elevator cost for installation in your home?

A residential elevator is assumed to be expensive, compared to downsizing and moving to a single-level home with all other associated precios ascensores. It will be a very affordable and simple solution for moving between floors in your home or apartment.

Depending on the number of floors in the apartment or building, the cost of the elevator range from $28,000 to $35,000. Commonly, the price will be quoted including all taxes, permits, installation costs, and shipping costs.

The cost of the elevator varies based on different features of it. It includes

  • Size
  • Drive system
  • Hydraulic drive
  • Winding drum
  • Style


The size of the elevator determines the price; going with a smaller cap helps to keep the price lower, while a large cap precios ascensores more. The average lift size used in apartments is 35 inches wide and 48 inches deep. This varies based on the service provider and the cost of the lift. The standard size is ideal for apartments because it feels spacious at times. You can upgrade the size if you need a bigger one.

Home Lifts Range by Stiltz India

Drive system

The cost of the lift is based on the driving mechanism behind the elevator. A traditionally powered elevator with a room, cables, and a pit is much more expensive than a pneumatic elevator. as they don’t require any moving parts, oils, or maintenance. If you wish to install an elevator within your budget, choose an elevator with a simple drive system.

Hydraulic drive

The hydraulic drive system is a common system that can be used in both residential and commercial elevators. Because of its popularity, this system is used in both high-quality, luxurious elevators and cheaper ones. If you are looking for a low-cost elevator with a hydraulic system, it is not possible to do so. This elevator needs regular maintenance and replacement if required. This will not be the solution that is within your budget.

Winding drum

The elevator with a winding drum won’t offer a silent and smooth ride. Hydraulic drives can fulfill this requirement; they are very dependable, and the best option, if you’re on a tight budget to install an elevator, is one with a winding drum.


The style and design of the elevator also cost some money. Using high-quality finishing material isn’t cheap. You need to spend more to obtain a stylish look on your elevator.

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Give your home an authentic quality finish with HDB licensed contractors

It doesn’t matter where you live, but you want your home to get proper care when you give someone, so give your home to HDB licensed renovation contractors with a solid reputation for the renovation work. Whenever you choose an HDB approved contractor, you can be sure that the work will be done right and well. Before making the final contractor/ interior design firm, you should never forget that cheaper doesn’t mean better in the long run.

Contractors who don’t have an HDB license don’t mean they are bad contractors who do poor-quality work. Instead, contractors who are HDB licensed contractors have been through the training, which provides them with the knowledge to avoid damaging the infrastructure of the building or negatively affecting sour rounding flats.

Why go for HDB licensed contractors?

There are many interior designers and companies which offer to specialize in home renovation. Some of them also offer services that are not up to par with any standard, and in the end, you end up being disappointed with the quality of execution upon the completion of the project

HDB approved contractor

Registered professionals with the HDB have undergone training to provide potential clients with a high-quality service. In addition, they have been in this business for at least three years. Education and experience both work together to ensure the quality of service.

Advantages of HDB renovation contractors:

  • Proper use of space: when we hire professional HDB registered contractors with excellent working experience on several projects. Therefore, they have accurate knowledge of techniques for efficiently using the space to the best of their abilities. The contractors also help with the tight budget and small space. They change the appearance and functionality of the place accordingly to your given budget.
  • The HDB registered contractors help achieve all the different interior designs that make your space look bigger than it is. They make your home future-proof.
  • High-quality construction work: Every HDB registered contractor performs their construction work under the guidelines of the government, which are provided to them. Hence, they have utilized only high-quality building materials and hired professional workers for their projects. In addition, the contractors also take care of the property they are working in.
  • Dedication for final finishing touches: hiring reputable HDB registered contractors can help you get the right appliances and light fixtures for the place. They will undoubtedly find you all these furnishings items most suitable for your space’s dimensions and electrical outlets. Moreover, whenever you want to add a built-in bookshelf to your home or office, HDB renovation contractors are the right help. In addition, they have direct contact with the suppliers, who will provide them with all the required materials per their preferences.

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How Contemporary Interior Design Can Change Your Place

Are you looking to give a new view to your home, office or your favourite place? One can end their search by finding an interior designer and wait for the magic to happen. Interior designing is not just a way to change your space but to give it a meaningful value and a touch of personalization which helps in creating a story of the owner at their place.

The contemporary interior design is nothing but an art including many aspects, comfort, style and personalization. It is a field where one has to give more preference to the client’s opinion and needs more than their own. The first step in doing starts with:

  1. 1.      Personalization

The very first thing a person looks at their place is personalization through their décor to help exhibit one’s own personality, which can be from selecting some specific colour palette based on choosing bright colours for walls or some end up liking light shades to give minimalistic touch whereas some prefer to opt for darker colours to help them providing relief and sleep in no time. Selecting the right colour for the right wall is very important as it widens the view of your space or can diminish the space. Now moving onto selecting the right furniture adds value to your colour palette, in which some prefer to add an ancient look by selecting rusted appearing steel and metal furnishing and some like adding woods in their furniture to give rich, vibrant décor.

contemporary interior design

  1. Comfort

Your own place is valuable if it serves the purpose of comfort to you and to your guests. Each corner can have a different energy, as in living room is meant for sharing moments together, watching television and spending family time while finding a spacious and comfortable place to sit and continue the gossip. Similarly, the bedroom tends to provide space from the chaos and the balcony helps to connect with the outer space and with nature.

It becomes very important to choose the right furniture according to your requirement which also compliments the space, and right furniture is not which just adds comfort and aesthetic look but helps in storage and space management at the same time.

  1. Decoration

A home or office or any place feels like it when one adds decorative materials to it and to give it a lively view. Adding a right piece is so important since if one adds a lot of materials at the wrong places, they will end up not having the pleasure of their own space. One can add rugs to add more value for spacious sitting, adding valuable picture frames can lead one down the memory lane and some like to add the touch of art which id adding meaningful paintings and similarly many other things can be done at the same time.

Unlike all of this, one’s place should not be over-decorated to give the feeling of fullness every time. Neither should be excessively blank and lacking aesthetic presentation will lead to boredom around you.

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Get Started In Expanding Your Home

As the years go by, a family will naturally grow in numbers. It means that it requires more space and different resources to meet the needs and wants of the growing family.

At the start, a couple just has both of them in their home. But as they have decided to create their own family, they will surely have children. The time will come that they will have grandchildren, which means that they grew bigger now. When this happens, the family has different choices. Some would choose to move out or stay. But of course, most families would love to create their own home to share memories with them. But it will be taken away from them to keep coming back to their parents or where they came from. That is why many houses get renovated for this reason.

Of course, home renovations are being done for various personal reasons. But one of the reasons for these renovations is to expand the house. In this way, there will be more space for family and friends. Also, it will bring new vibes to the home. It is like a new flavor that would again spice up the bond and even the relationship among the family members.

Get Started Now: Expanding Your Home

patio enclosures

In these modern times, many families would love to expand their homes after many years. For whatever reasons, they always deserve the best service for home expansion.

If anyone would love to acquire patio enclosures on remodeling their home, they do not have to worry because Four Seasons have so much idea about it. In fact, they are experts in it. They understand the trend in these times, which will help families to have more choices on what they want to with the expansion of their home. In case, they will not expand and simply renovate the living room or any area of the house that they would love to put in patio enclosures, they are still the best in this kind of thing. For everybody’s idea, it provides different advantages and some of these are:

  • It protects from UV radiation.
  • It protects from different insects.
  • Enjoy the natural view outside.

It is said that patio rooms are being used for recreation areas and bonding places for families. It is the reason why it is being surrounded by glass, which gives an intention of a place where different activities can be held. It is mostly adjoining the main home, which becomes the area for relaxation and fun.

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